Farea Al-Muslimi

Researcher, Citizen, and Bee Keeper

Farea Al-Muslimi is chairman and co-founder of Sanaa Center for Strategic Studies,

and a non-resident fellow at both the Carnegie Middle East Center and Middle East Institute in Washington, D.C..

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20 January، 2024 in All Writings, Opinions, Security & Counter Terrorism

Redesignating the Houthis a terrorist group is not a bad policy: it is no policy at all

The US redesignation of the Houthis as Specially Designated Global Terrorists (SDGT) represents continuing inconsistency in its policy towards Yemen – or rather the complete…
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18 January، 2024 in All Writings, Interview, Security & Counter Terrorism

Webinar ‘Repercussions of US-UK Strikes on Yemen’?

Watch the full discussion with Nawal Al-maghafi, International Correspondent @BBCnewsnight/ Filmmaker Farea Al-Muslimi, Yemenir writer, a research fellow at Chatham House’s Middle East and North…
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1 November، 2023 in Analysis, Opinions

Iran-backed Houthis emerge as threat to Israel, US amid Gaza war

“The hands of all parties in the region are on the trigger,” warned Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian last week, amid reports that Tehran had…
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30 May، 2023 in Analysis, Opinions, Yemen & Gulf

The Poisonous Egos in Yemen’s Tragedy

The arrival of a Houthi delegation in Riyadh on September 14 represents a breakthrough after nine bitter years of war. The bilateral negotiations with Saudi…
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“In effect, the richest country in the Arab world (Saudi) has had to bomb the poorest one (Yemen) to change its political dynamics.”

Farea Al-MuslimiForeign Affairs Magazine, FMA, May 2015

“To Iran, the houthis are the closest, yet the cheapest , middle finger it can raise in Saudi’s face”

New York TimesNew York Times

“An Eye from Yemen and one on Yemen”


“Yemen, the country of untold stories.”


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