Farea Al-Muslimi

Researcher, Citizen, and Bee Keeper

Farea Al-Muslimi is chairman and co-founder of Sanaa Center for Strategic Studies,

and a non-resident fellow at both the Carnegie Middle East Center and Middle East Institute in Washington, D.C..

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4 October، 2019 in Special Topics

TÉMOIGNAGE A mon ami Jamal Khashoggi, assassiné dans une ambassade saoudienne

Il y a un an, le journaliste et éditorialiste au «Washington Post» était assassiné à Istanbul dans l'enceinte du consulat d'Arabie Saoudite. Ce meurtre résonne…
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2 October، 2019 in Special Topics

Jamal Khashoggi Was My Friend. His Murder Was a Warning.

The last time I saw my friend Jamal Khashoggi was in September 2017, when he was settling into his self-imposed exile in the United States.…
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2 October، 2019 in Special Topics

Dieser Mord galt uns allen

Den Journalisten Jamal Khashoggi und den Intellektuellen Farea Al-Muslimi verband eine Freundschaft – und politische Feindschaft. Eine Würdigung zum Todestag Khashoggis Am 2. Oktober 2018…
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15 November، 2017 in Co-authored, Featured

Yemen Strike Raises Questions About Whether the US Follows Its Own Drone Rules

By Farea Al-Muslimi and Sarah Knuckey While we were visiting Yemen this month, the United States conducted a drone strike against alleged al-Qaeda members in Mareb Governorate, reportedly killing two…
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“In effect, the richest country in the Arab world (Saudi) has had to bomb the poorest one (Yemen) to change its political dynamics.”

Farea Al-MuslimiForeign Affairs Magazine, FMA, May 2015

“To Iran, the houthis are the closest, yet the cheapest , middle finger it can raise in Saudi’s face”

New York TimesNew York Times

“An Eye from Yemen and one on Yemen”


“Yemen, the country of untold stories.”


Yemen: Charting a response to state fragmentation

17 March، 2018

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